A Look back at Korn’s Early History

Everyone remembers the hits but not many people think about how a huge band like Korn started. It’s difficult to imagine that a small band can have the world wide success that it had – and yet at one point was just an indistinguishable part of the suburban landscape. And this is how Korn was – looking back – Korn’s rise – before its rise – or more so its formation happened in a quiet American suburb.

Some guys were sitting aroun and deciding what to call their band – as you do. The story behind why Korn was named Korn is an interesting one – as people are probably aware – the sound of korn is corn. Something that all Americans know – the taste of corn on a cob can be said to be just as American as hot apple pie – even though corn wasn’t bred in America there are many states that still treat corn on a cob as one of their main staple of export.

Here is something you probably didn’t know – did you know the backwards ‘R’ in the Korn name was actually borne out of the Toys ‘R’ Us retailer? Toys ‘R’ Us is probably the last inspiration that you would imagine a band like Korn having but it’s true.

The following quote by one of the band members really explained their approach to the whole situation:

“the music makes the name, because Korn’s a dumb name. But once we get established, it makes the name cool.”

And there you have it – the name Korn has no deep significant meaning – rather the whole idea was to have a boring name – and have the music make it cool – rather than looking for a cool name and fooling people into thinking that the music was cool because the band name sounds “rad”.

An interesting perspective Рwe would like to thank our sponsors the sound resistant materials who would have made an amazing soundproof studio for Korn to perform in.

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